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What is OUR Farm?

OUR Farm is a winning Evocation proposed by a team of players of  Urgent Evoke.


The aim of the project is to PROMOTE SOCIAL EVOLUTION by creating a “Glo-cal Microfranchise” which is a flexible combination of global knowledge, standards and procedures in total symbiosis with local wisdom, uniqueness and originality. The functional units of the franchise are called “OUR Module”.

Initially “OUR modules” will focus on producing affordable ORGANIC FOOD in the cities. This is not the only mission, but it is a clever and promising quick response to the increasing challenges in developed and developing countries.

The final goal is to TRANSFORM CITIES through OUR Modules, OUR Farms and OUR Community Farms so that they can gradually achieve resilient production, distribution and consumption of water, food, energy, education, health prevention and assessment systems.
This innovative ECONOMIC SYSTEM will be replicated to form farms and eventually a real and virtual ORGANIC URBAN RESILIENT FARMS Network- OUR Farm Network.

We intend to achieve a rapid global expansion through OUR Farm Network a social network with gameplay dynamics of OURGameplay. The Gameplay was inspired by Evoke, it enables playfarmers to have fun, upload evidence of their performance, communicate, share knowledge, surplus resources and obtain seed funding for “OUR Community Farms”.

The funds of the WBI prize will be allocated to create the first prototypes in Mexico City and the web, from where the network will expand.

People from all walks of life and from everywhere are welcomed to join us in this massive undertaking.
Webdesigners/Programmers: With experience in social networks, simple web video games and wikis)
Graphic Designers: Branding, logos and "edgy aesthetics"
Urban Farmers: Organic, permaculture, hidroponics, aquaponics, beekeeping etc.
Everyone else if free to contribute as in any way they want.

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